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Fees Structure

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Fees Structure

Salaheddin Islamic School offers one of the most affordable Private School Tuition fees in all of Toronto.

School Fees are of two types:  

(1) A one time fee at the beginning of the year, called the Student Activity Fee (SAF) and

(2) the monthly Tuition Fee.

The SAF is used to cover the costs of:

  • A few stationery items, given to the student at the start of their schooling year
  • The student agenda
  • Usage of textbooks (consumables and otherwise)
  • Photocopies and
  • Various ancillary supplies and resources.

The School Fee Structure for the 2015-2016 academic school year is as follows:

  1 Child 2 Children 3 Children 4 Children 5 Children Each High
School Student
Total per Month $300 $540 $720 $840 $900 $325
An additional (yearly) Student Activity Fee (SAF) of:
  • $175 per Kindergarten student,
  • $200 per Grades 1-8 student, and
  • $325 per Grades 9-12 student

 Please note:

  • SAFs are non-refundable
  • Parents must pay all months while the student(s) are enrolled even in the event the student(s) may be away from school for a prolonged time, but still enrolled and/or plan on rejoining the school
  • Parents may have to pay supplementary fees from time to time for extra-curricular activities, e.g. EQAO administration fees, OUAC application fees, field trips, the school’s snack program, lunch program or other personal administrative requests etc.
  • Payment method preferred: Post Dated Cheques.

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