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About Us

The Salaheddin Islamic School, now in its sixteenth year of operation, is a full-time elementary and.. read more

School Timing

The schoop operates from September to June
Monday to Friday
08:30am - 03:45pm

"Today a reader. Tomorrow a leader"

We Serve More Than


Application Process for Student(s) who wish to enroll at Salaheddin Islamic School

  1. (Compulsory) Book an appointment (preferably) or come in with your child’s last issued report card and/or Ontario Student Transcript (OST) for high school students entering from grade 9 second semester and onwards.
  2. (Optional) Enquire about and/or tour the school to familiarize yourself with our school’s policies, procedures, curriculum, school fees, premises, and any other school matter that may be of interest for you. (There are no fees for these two steps)....read more

Salaheddin Islamic School offers one of the most affordable Private School Tuition fees in all of Toronto.

School Fees are of two types:  

(1) A one time fee at the beginning of the year, called the Student Activity Fee (SAF) and

(2) the monthly Tuition Fee... read more

Why School Uniforms?

  • School Uniforms put each student on a level playing field, regardless of socio-economic class (similar to what the ihram does for the muhrim)
  • Help to create a sense of unity among students, foster the building of a community, give students a sense of belonging and school pride.. read more


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